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Saturday, January 21, 2012

"Quad Graphics" Docile Food Service Clerk w/ Ability to Withstand Large Pay Inequalities,3468215433&key=18513229&c=879887026576&pagestamp=sezwvlzlwpwrleszps

“Job Title: Food Service Worker (Part-Time)

Job Description: Quad Graphics is seeking a Food Service Worker for to (sic) work within the Quad Cuisine Plant Cafeterias. The Food Service Worker works to efficiently and quickly cook, prepare and serve hot and cold foods. Additional duties include assisting with production plant catering functions including but not limited to cleaning, stocking shelves, washing dishes and pots and pans and/or any tasks assigned by the department supervisor. The position reports to the supervisor and has no supervisory authority.

Qualifications: Successful candidates must have the ability to lift 50 pounds, with or without a reasonable accommodation. Prior food service experience is required. This position also requires a positive attitude and good people skills, while in contact with customers and fellow employees. In addition, the understanding of cash register functions as they relate to entering the customer's orders on a touch screen is also required.

Additional External Text: We offer excellent benefits to eligible employees, including 401(k) and profit sharing plans, holidays, vacations and more.”

Quad keeps the humorous job vacancies coming. The successful applicant will smile and greet employees no matter what, even when those employees brag about their latest big project and supervisory responsibilities, neither of which the food service worker would have. I suppose Quad included that requirement to screen out grumpy people via the classification of a doormat personality as a bona fide KSA. Imagine the following scenario:

Al, the Food Service Worker: “How are you doing today?”

Chuck, the Sales Coordinator: “Excellent. I just closed a $1 billion contract and will get a $500K commission on top of my base salary. Have you closed any deals lately?”

Al: “No, but I’ll close your mouth if you talk down to me again!”

Chuck: “I could have you arrested for uttering a threat. The only thing closing around here is your payroll account after I get the boss to fire you for unprofessional conduct, mouthing off like that.”

So yes, the incumbent must act friendly to those whose professions and salaries make his/her seem insignificant to society and a potential source of loathing. The real kicker is the fleeting mention of the potential benefits package. Note that only “eligible employees” receive those benefits. 99% of the time, part-time employees do not receive any benefits because they are not “eligible.” The lack of an explicit statement of part-time benefits is all one needs to identify any talk of benefits for the PT food worker as misleading at best. And check out that typo in the first sentence ("for to work")!

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