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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Junkyard Attendant for City of Appleton, WI Dump w/ Ability to Smile and Make Eye Contact

“Job Title: Seasonal - Laborer - Public Works

Salary: $7.79 Hourly

Job Type: Seasonal

Location: Municipal Services Building, Appleton, Wisconsin

Department: Public Works

Examples of Duties:

• Performs functions required of the Yard Waste Site Attendant: monitors what is brought into yard waste sites, cleans up yard waste site.

• Performs customer service functions required of the Yard Waste Site Attendant: answers questions for the public, assists customers with the disposal of their yard waste if necessary.

• Performs building clean-up.

• Cleans auto containers.

• Assembles auto containers.

Typical Qualifications:

• Ability to use a broom and a shovel.

• Ability to work with little supervision.

• Good public relations.

• Valid drivers (sic) license.

• Must be at least eighteen years of age.

Supplemental Information:


Have you seen any surly scrap yard workers lately? Not if the City of Appleton can help it! Behold the requirement that yard waste worker have “good public relations.” Does one need to be an icon beloved throughout the city? Or can the successful applicant be a self-effacing neurotic who merely keeps his radical/reactionary/off-center views to himself? Would the incumbent need to be cleanly shaven and wear a tie to appear professional while spending all work hours handling oily, rancid waste? Or would appearing not too similar to a horror monster suffice?

I actually called Appleton HR to find out exactly what that entails, and “Kim” told me that it means politely enforcing regulations. I asked, “So that means the employee would need to ask for proof of residence before letting someone use the city dump, and yet not come across as a jerk?” Kim confirmed this. Type A personalities and shoe-gazing introverts need not apply! Also, the omission of an apostrophe in the possessive adjective “driver’s,” which modifies the noun “license,” indicates that proper English mechanics need not pertain to “good public relations.”

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