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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"QuadMed Clinics" Licensed Vocational Nurse,4540568768&key=18513229&c=879887026576&pagestamp=sesjmpixepnxgkjwfi

“Job Title: LVN

Job Description: QuadMed Clinics of California is hiring an LVN for our new clinic located onsite at Amy's Kitchen in Santa Rosa, California. QuadMed Clinics of California is the leader in employer-sponsored healthcare, dedicated to providing employees with comprehensive, accessible care and superior evidence-based medicine and our innovative practices focus on wellness and prevention. QuadMed Clinics of California looks for highly motivated, quality-conscious professionals and our providers work in an environment where they are given essential one-on-one time with patients and positive outcomes are the ultimate measurement of success.

The successful candidate will perform the following responsibilities:

• Maintain accurate, detailed reports and records and monitor symptoms and changes in patients'


• Assist in the modification of patient treatment plans as indicated by patients' responses and conditions.

• Consult and coordinate with internal and external partners to plan patients' health activities.

• Perform some diagnostic testing to help the physician identify and assess patient's condition.

Monitor all aspects of patient care, including diet and physical activity.

•Prepare patients for, and assist with, examinations and treatments.

•Collect the needs of individuals, families and/or communities, including home and/or work environments, to identify potential health or safety problems.

•Instruct on topics such as health education and disease prevention and develop health improvement programs.

•Prepare rooms, sterile instruments, equipment and ensure that stock of supplies is maintained.

•Provide first aid and give injections and immunizations.

•Treat patients en route to hospitals or at disaster site triage centers.

•Direct and coordinate infection control programs, advising and consulting about necessary precautions.

•Perform administrative and managerial functions and schedule appointments as requested.

•Refer students or patients to specialist within their elected health plan or community agencies

•Work with internal staff and external partners to plan and implement programs designed to improve the overall health of patients.

This is an on-call/temporary position based on the needs of the clinic. The hours will be daytime, Monday through Friday, and may include some non-traditional hours to accommodate patient accessibility.

Qualifications: The successful candidate will have at least one year of experience working in a clinic setting and familiarity with practice management software and electronic medical records. Current California LVN license and CPR certification required. This position also requires great attention to detail, excellent patient nursing and education skills, and a caring personality. Bilingual Spanish skills required.”

That’s quite a lot for one person to do: Make re-stocking trips on the corporate campus, use a medical records database, and even treat ill employees en route to the emergency room. So QuadMedical/Technical/Graphics wants their Licensed Vocational Nurses to also be EMTs? The disclosure that the position might be temporary indicates poor job security for the hired individual(s) despite the bevy of qualifications required: not only the usual medical training for LVN, but also competency in Spanish, the ability to teach, and a “caring personality.” I guess uncaring LVNs typically work in nursing homes.

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