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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Non-Bribable Office Assistant / Bookkeeper at "URS Corp."

“Job Title: Office Assistant

Employment Category/Status: casual
Type of Position: Internship
Country: China
State: Shanghai
City: Shanghai
Minimum Requirements: Qualifications
•Enrolled in a Bachelor program in technical disciplines (engineering, construction, project management), business administration, and marketing
•Relevant professional training courses and certificates highly desirable
•Proven track records in developing business for engineering and consulting business
•High level of integrity, including FCPA and SOX guidance
•Well developed communication skills in English and Chinese, written and verbal
•Good team player
•Ability to negotiate and to resolve conflict
•Adequate time management skills and ability to meet multiple deadlines
•Sensitivity to confidential, priority, and urgency issues
•Understanding of business environment in China
•Familiarity with commercial imperatives in industrial and commercial sectors in China
•Knowledge of legislation and statutory processes in China
•MSWord, Excel, and PowerPoint
•Experience with project management (a plus)
•Self motivated, enthusiastic, and energetic
•Ability to engage others in a shared vision
•Outcome focused with integrity
Job Description: •Coordinate marketing activities for all URS Scott Wilson China offices, and the URS worldwide network.
•Produce proposals, presentation files, and marketing documents.
•Assist local/regional Client / Services Managers (CSMs) and coordinate with Global and International Operations (IO) CSMs in (1) Global Manufacturing, and (2) Chemical/Petrochemical & Commercial Business Lines.
•Advise BD Director and Manager of specific actions in order to achieve the business sales goals and objectives established for each fiscal year
•Track the status of pursuits.
•Coordinate among the local / regional client service team members to optimize the delivery of services and to position URS Scoot Wilson in China for appropriate business opportunities.
•Meet the URS safety, quality and professional standards for the services provided.
•Maintain a high level of personal visibility and standing in the professional and social communities.
•Work with others to support branding efforts.
•Other tasks/assignments as instructed.
•Work closely with URS Energy & Construction (EC) Division in developing business opportunities and cultivating client relationships for the betterment of URS business in China.”

It seems that URS misclassified this position. The title is “office assistant,” yet the duties are that of a marketing coordinator. The position is classified as an “internship,” but the successful applicant will have “proven track records in developing business for engineering and consulting business.” This sounds like a minimum of two internships (one record each) totaling at least six months, or else how would the records be proven rather than just a bunch of happy market coincidences?

Besides that, the successful applicant will comply with FCPA and SOX, thereby implying some knowledge of financial regulations, and will be able “to negotiate and to resolve conflict.” This means that one must demonstrate experience in marketing, engineering, finance, and contract negotiations, as well as speak and write fluently both Chinese and English, to be considered…while also enrolled in a Bachelor’s program to be eligible for hire! How many students possess that combination of in-depth experiences? Could it be that URS wants a returning student and that this is actually a mid-career position disguised as an internship? Could this explain the position’s cryptic classification as “casual” employment type instead of full-time or part-time?

The responsibility to “coordinate marketing activities for all URS Scott Wilson China offices, and the URS worldwide network” alone implies the successful applicant will have been at least a regional manager / coordinator / director of marketing. How many traditional-age students have experience remotely close to that? Perhaps in recognition of the scarcity of individuals possessing these qualifications, URS does not state preference for students of certain universities as it did in the prior post.

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