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Monday, January 23, 2012

Summer Camp Instructor for City of Appleton, WI

“Job Title: Seasonal - Camp APRD Supervisor

Salary: $7.79 Hourly

Job Type: Seasonal

Location: City Hall, Appleton, Wisconsin

Department: Parks and Recreation

Examples of Duties:

• Supervises program participants

• Assists in the planning of weekly activities and trips

• Completes necessary paperwork (attendance forms, accident reports, etc.)

• Supervises and interacts with participants, leads participants in activities

• Supervises weekly activities and trips

• Maintains a safe play environment

• Maintains inventory of supplies and equipment

• Communicates with parents or participants

• Maintains storage cleanliness throughout playground program

• Attends staff meetings

• Shall wear Parks and Recreation staff uniform per the City of Appleton dress code

• Sign own name on the results/pay sheet for hours worked

• Work closely with the Parks & Recreation Department staff and volunteers to ensure all department rules and policies are observed

Typical Qualifications:

• CPR/First Aid Certification

• Ability to instruct and demonstrate games and sport techniques

• Ability to instruct and demonstrate arts and crafts activities

• Ability to effectively supervise and maintain control of a group

• Ability to understand and effectively carry out oral and written instructions

• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with fellow staff members and the public in a courteous and tactful manner

• Ability to effectively carry out oral and written instructions

• Strong oral and written communication skills

• Ability to operate computer and software used by the Department

• Experience working with school aged children.

• Adhere to City of Appleton and Departmental policies and procedures

Supplemental Information:

Education Level Required: High School Graduate/GED”

Much like other recreation jobs dominated by teenagers, Appleton’s camp supervisor must know first aid. Unlike most other rec jobs, the camp supervisor must have prior experience instructing children. The position apparently entails planning recreation activities and related logistics, but most employers dismiss that experience as irrelevant or insufficient due to the low wage and the seasonal nature of the job. This might help someone’s career if he/she did it for five consecutive years, but I wouldn’t bet on it because it’s not full-time or “professional.” A lot of these entry-level jobs have a de facto cut-off age of 16 to get your foot in the door, or else the employer thinks you’re too lazy to hire if you waited any longer to join the workforce. Thankfully, the vacancy description informs us that a high school diploma or GED is required, so rest assured that the teenage camp counselors will be held accountable by a camp supervisor who is at least several years older.

The job duties and qualifications make it seem that a physical education teacher would be an ideal candidate, but the hourly pay of $7.79 almost guarantees that no matter who applies, someone under 20 years of age will be selected despite having less real-world experience than the college graduate tying to find a post-graduation “management internship” or a laid-off line worker. I suppose neither of those would be able to “effectively supervise and maintain control over a group,” having never managed anyone other than their own selves, which in turn they have not managed too well if they are so desperate as to apply for this job. Parenthood by itself wouldn’t really help an applicant because the camp supervisor would manage other people’s children, so leave your heavy-handed “because I told you so” tactics at home, lest offended parents of participants sue the City of Appleton for their child’s emotional distress. Chances are that you’re overqualified if you’re old enough to have school-aged children.

Finally, ask yourself whether your chances of getting this job are worth it to pay the $45 to $75 (depending on training provider) to be certified that you indeed know CPR and didn’t learn it from Hollywood films, television, or the Internet. (The Internet does have some accurate information, but the certification is pretty much a notarization that you have performed the technique properly. An anecdote from a family member or friend doesn’t count, even if you did save his/her life.)

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