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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Non-Entry-Level "Entry-Level" Cost Analyst at "URS Corp."

Found on 01-25-2012 at URL:

“Job Title: Cost Analyst I

Employment Category/Status: full-time
Type of Position: New College Graduate
Country: U.S.
State: Texas
City: Houston
Minimum Requirements: Minimum Requirements
• Must have obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Construction/Construction Science, Business or related field from a 4 year accredited college or university within the past 24 months or will obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Construction/Construction Science, Business or related field from a 4 year accredited college or university prior to the start of this position.
• Less than 12 months professional experience.
• Demonstrates the aptitude and ability to support the development, implementation and maintenance of effective cost control programs.
• The successful candidate must be willing to relocate within the first 12 months of the assignment and/or be willing to travel extensively for assignments ranging from 18-36 months in duration.
• Initial relocation benefits are not approved for this position.
Preferred Qualifications
• Previous internship with URS Corporation.
• Some experience in engineering, procurement and construction projects or maintenance projects in a cost control positions, similar to that obtained through an internship is desirable.
• Preference given to those attending or graduated from one of the following URS EC focus schools:
o Boise State University
o Brigham Young University - Idaho
o Brigham Young University
o Colorado School of Mines
o Colorado State University
o Drexel University
o New Jersey Institute of Technology
o Penn State University
o Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
o Rutgers New Brunswick
o Stevens Institute of Technology
o Texas A&M
o University of Alabama
o University of Colorado
o University of North Carolina
o University of South Carolina
o University of Tennessee
o University of Texas
o Virginia Military Institute
o Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Job Description: URS Corporation is seeking a Project Controls Cost Analyst to support several projects within the division. This position may begin in the Houston, TX office and could relocate to a project site or project office shortly thereafter. Project sites and offices are in various locations throughout the United States. The relocation policy for this position will be dependent on project scopes and workloads. International locations may be required as well. The Project Controls function within the EC division of URS Corporation focuses on satisfying client expectations by working directly on project sites and in offices the department supports.
Project Controls is an integral part of the Project Management Team and serves as a path to becoming a Project Manager. To that end, we are ‘Highly motivated Project Controls professionals committed to providing timely delivery of cost and schedule solutions to internal and external customers to positively affect project outcomes.’”

URS requires previous internship experience for the applicant to be seriously considered for this “entry-level” job, but don’t bother applying if you have more than one year of professional experience, either. An applicant with a nine-month internship or three semester-long internships would qualify, but an applicant totaling more than 12 months of internship experience would be overqualified! I suppose this prevents laid-off senior employees from being technically qualified despite being literally qualified.

The innovation implied with having “develop(ed), implement(ed), and maintain(ed) a cost control program” is dubious because how many processes can exist for continual innovation by cost control interns year after year? By how much can cost be further controlled during an internship when previous interns have already reduced cost or held it flat? Does URS let their interns make their own cost control program from scratch for the same processes over the years while secretly using more proven methods on large-scale processes to protect against incompetent interns? I feel sorry for the interns for whom cost actually increased because now they’re unable to demonstrate how they “effectively” developed, implemented, and maintained a cost control program.

This is a moot point to most job seekers anyway because time is better spent applying somewhere else if you’re otherwise qualified but did not attend one of their “focus schools.” Notice the lack of West Coast schools such as the Universities of California, Oregon, and Washington or the Upper Midwest schools such as the Universities of Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin? Even if you are from a target school, don’t bother applying if you’re too poor to relocate because, “Initial relocation benefits are not approved for this position.” You must be not only from the right geography but also of the appropriate economic class to be seriously considered.

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