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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All-in-One Restaurant Staffer at Anonymous Diner w/ Substantial Risk of Cross Contamination

"Job Title: Restaurant Worker

Job Category: Location: OR - Albany

Will be working in all areas of restaurant, from kitchen (prep and line cook), to dishes to front end. Must pass a pre-employment drug screen and criminal background check."

This restaurant sounds very unsanitary considering how it wants the line cook to also wash dishes and perform "front end" work, which usually involves cash handling. Last time I checked, the National Sanitation Foundation, SafeServ, and the other food service hygiene/safety associations explicitly advised against letting any person handle both food and money, let alone food and dirty dishes, even if the individual washes and sanitizes his/her hands between each activity and uses a new pair of disposable gloves every time he/she resumes handling food or utensils. Are any health inspectors reading that job description? This could be circumstantial evidence in a food poisoning case.

At any rate, the individual hired will go through a lot of hand soap, sanitizer, and gloves. I suppose this is good for drumming up demand for hand moisturizers among food service workers. Sanitizing gel and the powder in nitrile/latex gloves really dry out the skin. The restaurant advertising the vacancy sounds like the kind of place which would make the worker buy his/her own gloves. The front-end duties are purposely vague. I suppose this is to hide the possibility that the hired individual would be expected to also wait tables and hence be classified as an “opportunity” or tipped employee despite doing a majority of back-end work such as washing dishes and cooking.

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