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Examine the expectations and inferences underlying selected job positions. Consider timely topics in career preparation and the struggle for fulfilling employment. Analyze what could be improved in either situation. If this blog reminds you too much of work, then peruse my namesake blog for lighter fare.

Fuck UWM and all universities! UW-Milwaukee and their brethren are mediocre. Click banner ads on ClixSense instead; it's a better use of time than a college education in the UW System.


Benefits of Advertising on AJV Blog

The prestigious AJV Blog is rich with link bait and clickable content. Our sidebar space already has over a dozen ads -- but it has room for many more! As demonstrated in the screen capture below, thousands of views await you and your brand here at Absurd Job Vacancies.

Target an audience of career-minded professionals! Thousands of views per week!

Evidence of Reader Engagement

I hear -- loud and clear -- your patriarchal command to, ”SHOW ME YOUR HITS!” Following the money, I deign disclose my visitor hits, also known as page views:
With thousands of page views daily, the Absurd Job Vacancies(TM) Blog easily exceeds the 'threshold of journalistic importance' used to identify bloggers who must obtain a license in such countries as Russia and North Korea.

AJV Ad Rates

If you're drooling at the sight of my perky page hits, then advertise on AJV Blog! Here is the advertisement fee schedule:
Advertising Rates on Absurd Job Vacancies
Placement of Ad 30 Days60 Days
Header - Top of page, but below AJV logo $24.99$67.47*
Above the fold (1st screen) Sidebar $19.99$50.37*
Below the fold, 2nd screen of article - Overlay atop article $17.99$48.57*
Below the fold, 3rd screen of article - Overlay atop article $13.99$36.99*
Below the fold, 2nd screen of article - Sidebar $11.99$32.37*
Below the fold, 3rd screen of article - Sidebar $9.99$26.97*
Footer - Bottom of page, but above copyright notice $4.99$13.47*

Explanation of Price Structure

AJV ad prices begin in the double digits for showing your ad weekly and can even dip to single digits, if you purchase your ad for 3 months at a time to lock in your space. Rates are most expensive in the first screen -- or “above the fold” -- and cheapest in the footer.

The logic behind pricing is that all of our thousands of weekly visitors scan the first screen; most see the sidebar ads while scrolling a few screens; and an engaged minority reads all the way through the footer (or accidentally hits the “End” key.)

If you don’t already have an ad that you’ll send to us, then you may order a customized banner from AJV! The price for this will be in the low triple digits, and you can subsequently use it anywhere once created. Mouse-over and mouse-out events are extra work and will therefore incur additional fees.

The interactive nature of AJV motivates readers to mouse over images, even those located in what has been traditionally seen as “ads-only” space. Because I affix a width and height to each image, all ads are “pinnable” to Pinterest and other social sharing websites! Compare this with most ad services, such as AdSense.

So, don’t delay -- advertise today! Click the “buy now” button to begin the conversation about getting you some customers, leads, and conversions!

AJV Blog Ad Options - 90 Days

AJV Blog Ad Options - 30 Days

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