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Examine the expectations and inferences underlying selected job positions. Consider timely topics in career preparation and the struggle for fulfilling employment. Analyze what could be improved in either situation. If this blog reminds you too much of work, then peruse my namesake blog for lighter fare.

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Frequently Asked Questions, with Decisively Definitive Answers

The elaborate flourish on the title verbiage is for the purpose of getting long-tail SEO click-throughs. It works for me! Now then, onto the inquiries and responses:

What does the history of Absurd Job Vacancies look like?

The following at-a-glance history is courtesy of the:

AJV Blog Timeline

January 21, 2012: Inaugural post. Believing my blog title self-explanatory, I leapt into reviewing a food service position featured at a magazine-printing firm.

January 21, 2012 - March 11, 2012: Daily posts of verbatim job vacancies, with my thoughts on why certain jobs were logically more difficult to source candidates for than others so reviewed.

March 12, 2012 - December 23, 2012: 9-month hiatus, except for an April 30 post contemplating selling the blog (not enough history, at the time, to "flip" this domain) and an October 8 post about the now-defunct Cooley Fitness as part of my prospecting as a burgeoning writer (as although it was the most-shared article for a while, points-based fitness apps have never done well).

December 24, 2012 - March 10, 2013: Semi-weekly posts (not biweekly) of job candidate selection practices. At this point, I realized changing the landscape of human resources would require less emphasis on isolated vacancies and more focus on broader staffing issues.

March 11, 2013 - September 19, 2013: Monthly posts, with a continuing on focus upon issues that intensify frictional unemployment and wasted job-search effort. (Hint: Less education is more, because you're available for full-time work that much sooner.))

August 31, 2013: An unprecedented six positions are reviewed in one day by Yours Truly, with the announcement / mini-directory of those same-day vacancy reviews comprising another page for a Magnificent Seven, one-day post total!

September 20, 2013 - January 21, 2014: 4-month hiatus. I was editing a business book, which the author unfortunately cancelled. However, I gained perspective on how consultants tend to think, which inspired me to research rebuttals to some of the more questionable business advice I've seen and heard.

January 22, 2014 - July 21, 2014: The longest continual posting period tops off at 7 months, with a renewed emphasis on exposing school-to-work obstacles rampant in the labor market and counter-productive practices entrenched within traditional human resources departments.

January 22, 2014: One of the more visually artistic outings on AJV Blog, I digitally modified (PhotoShopped) images to parody five online advertisements for assorted institutions of higher education.

February 9, 2014: I posted about how intangibles, not academic interest, predict whether you'd be better skipping college. Hard-hitting anecdotes; long-tail SEO phrases; and inclusion of a hyperlink within my email signature contribute to this piece becoming the most-read article on AJV Blog! (Over 37,000 page views as of December 31, 2015.)

July 22, 2014 - December 30, 2015: 17-month hiatus due to nearly getting; finally procuring; and settling into a part-time job. Just as I was adjusting my time management to resume posting, I ended up in two part-time jobs (a year-round role and a seasonal gig). A frustrating experience at Land's End motivated two posts in October, but otherwise the hiatus was intact.

December 31, 2015: F.A.Q. debuts.

December 31, 2015 - Present: Although the seasonal job ended, I filled my time with promoting an "occupational outcomes study for campus-specific college graduates" petition; writing private reactions to labor-related news; and editing my notes from the 17-month hiatus into actual articles.

How do I most quickly find out when you make a new post?

Subscribe via the RSS feed and/or click the "follow" button (if logged into your Google account) to stay tuned... or just bookmark the main page! Simple enough; and the bookmark method won't send you SMS alerts or emails when updates are made.

I personally use bookmarks for other sites and then check in occasionally directly from the bookmarked link, or else my inbox gets flooded with updates. But I won't flood yours, because there's no chance -- shy of crowd-funding or official sponsorship -- that I'll post more than once every two weeks, -if- that.

Will you ever review more than one position in a single post?

When I find several job announcements about which I've comparable things to say for each in the series, I'll post the job descriptions and then write my responses: First to their commonalities; and then to their differences, as far as this means to the aspiring applicant.

Given the time necessary to compare, contrast, and articulate these ideas, such lengthy thematic posts will be outnumbered by single-subject posts. Of course, the People can always vote with their wallets by crowd-funding me an actual, paying job as AJV Blogger!

But shy of that, there's no way I'll stretch myself thin, just for vain adoration or modest jumps in traffic that are difficult to monetize. And it's not like a think-tank or a newspaper funds my blog...yet.

What is the purpose of the sidebar graphics?

Those are placeholder ads that I modified from actual advertisements seen online. You can advertise your product or service in one of those spaces, on every page, by clicking the "Advertise" tab below the blog logo and above the article body.

Any other news we should know?

Yes! Comments have been re-enabled! Every article on this blog is fair game for remarks from the peanut gallery -- but recognize I have the final say in which submissions are approved.

Note to spammers: If you praise my blog and compliment me within your comment, then chances are I will actually approve your spam, within reasonable limits as to how much spam presently exists in the comments.

As of this writing, this total is "none at all" because I had locked comments during my hiatus, to avoid being swamped with nonsense comments in the moderation queue when I eventually did return to active posting.)

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