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Friday, January 27, 2012

"EcoLab" Manager-In-Training / Franchisee

Found on 01-27-2012 at URL:^2wTVk77SptE/4LPMGOykr16zpXx35apdQuvf/SCr28CN0n3_slp_rhc_Baitaw==&jobId=1210394&type=search&JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=91&JobSiteInfo=1210394_91&GQId=0

“Job Title: Territory Manager In Training (TMIT)

Functional Area: Sales & Service

Division: Institutional

Location: Illinois-Peoria

Country: United States

Employment Status: Full Time

Job Description: We are seeking highly motivated female and male applicants to join Ecolab's Institutional division. The Institutional division is Ecolab's core and largest business, addressing the cleaning and sanitation needs of the restaurant, lodging, and other institutional foodservice customers.

Whether you’re right out of school or looking for something more out of your career, the Territory Manager in Training role can be both challenging and rewarding. You will partner with your customers to provide sales and service support using Ecolab's innovative custom cleaning solutions. You’ll quickly learn that we hired you to eventually run your own business, but you’ll always be part of a strong and successful team to help support you along the way.

Our robust training program includes a comprehensive roadmap of detailed field activities, computer based e-learning modules, as well as attendance at a series of customized classes at our state of the art training facility in Chicago, IL.

Main Responsibilities:

•Complete resident classes, e-learning activities and assigned field activities.

•Demonstrate your ability to apply your knowledge of skills, principles and concepts learned.

•Transition to the Territory Manager role where you will be assigned to an existing portfolio of customers – upon successful completion of your training, and once a territory becomes available in your market.

•Prospect new accounts as you continue to grow and support existing accounts in the food service industry.

•Work independently to learn your customers' operations, understand their cleaning challenges, and devise cleaning solutions to meet their needs.

•As a value-added offering, and to strengthen relationships with customers, you will use your mechanical aptitude to troubleshoot and repair dispensers and equipment.

•Provide emergency service coverage to appreciative customers who may operate around the clock.

Requirements of a fully trained and transitioned Territory Manager After successfully completing your training (approximately 60-90 days), and a territory is available, we would expect the following will apply:

Cities Included in this Territory: Peru, LaSalle, Princeton, Mendota

Cities/Area Candidates Must Reside In: Within 30 miles of above mentioned cities.

Weekend Coverage: 1 in 5 weekends

Overnight Trips per Month: None

Income Package Offered: During your training program you will be paid a semi-monthly salary. Upon successful completion of the training program, and after an appropriate territory becomes available, you will transition to a salary and commission program with an annual bonus opportunity. A company vehicle will be provided for both business and personal use.

Basic Qualifications:

•Completed Bachelor’s Degree

•1-3 years of outside sales experience or any industry-related experience in food service, laundry, housekeeping, hospitality and/or pool and spa

•You must be able to lift and/or carry 50 pounds

•A valid driver's license and an acceptable Motor Vehicle Record

•No Immigration Sponsorship Available

Preferred Qualifications:

•Proven ability to be resilient, persuasive, and deliver results

•Excellent planning and organizational skills, strong relationship management capability, outstanding consulting, and demonstrated flexibility to adapt and adjust your day to assist your customers are preferred skills in order to succeed in this fast paced multi-tasking environment

•Mechanical reasoning ability and exhibited problem solving skills are used to troubleshoot and repair equipment and dispensing systems (i.e., plumbing, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting experience)

•Prefer industry-related experience in laundry, housekeeping, food service, hospitality and/or pool and spa”

The first thing about this job description to jump out is the phrase “female and male applicants.” I guess neuter applicants need not apply? It’s generally understood that applicants of both sexes are welcome to apply to any position (except Hooters girls, NFL cheerleaders, and Merry Maids house cleaners), so why bother with the unnecessary phrase? I suppose EcoLab wants to inflate its number of female applicants, but the qualified ones will come out of the woodwork anyway. It’s similar to saying, “We are seeking qualified Caucasian male and minority professionals,” or, “We are hiring parents and childless applicants.” EcoLab also uses a subliminal message: “TMIT” is similar to the Mirage Studies license “TMNT,” and I imagine the position’s supervisor was almost named “Trainer In Territory Sales.” This tenuous connection to amphibious funbags is a reach, but it will entertain some readers.

EcoLab wants applicants to have “mechanical reasoning ability” so as to not break anything in its “state of the art training facility” (which should be hyphenated as an adjective phrase, e.g. “state-of-the-art training facility”) or further damage the equipment they would be sent to service. EcoLab also attempts to portray itself as a franchise opportunity with the line, “You’ll quickly learn that we hired you to eventually run your own business.” That’s a blatant lie because all profits from a territory manager’s work go to EcoLab before any distributions are made. Any innovation by an EcoLab territory manager becomes the property of EcoLab. The territory manager neither chooses his or her customers nor sets his or her hours. In short, the idea that being a territory manager is “owning your own business,“ as opposed to being an employee of the actual business owners, is a bald-faced lie.

But last time I checked, EcoLab had no shame: It once sold an oversized sink guard to UW-Milwaukee Restaurant Operations, but no refund was issued despite the fact that the guard did not create a seal like it was designed to, thereby rendering it useless. I washed dishes for UWM RO at the time and witnessed an EcoLab representative consulting the Food Services Supervisor onsite about two weeks before the sink guard arrived. Any measurement error during that meeting should have triggered a notification from the warehouse stating that the stock guard does not match the order dimensions.

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