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Sunday, January 29, 2012

"EcoLab" Senior Buyer / Bespoke Production Planner^jIzhqjTASfR28jelwisu0_slp_rhc_xGTWDYPehJo6zjdUf9EJe7w1_slp_rhc_Jze4pZg==&jobId=1217275&type=search&JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=91&JobSiteInfo=1217275_91&GQId=0

"Job Title: Sr. Buyer

Functional Area: Purchasing

Division: Global Operations

Location: Illinois - Elk Grove

Country: United States

Employment Status: Full Time

Job Description: Do you have a track record for successfully achieving significant cost savings and avoidance? Are you looking for an opportunity to drive growth with a stable global company committed to sustainability? Would you like to join a company recognized as among the 100 Most Ethical Companies in the World, not once but actually five years in a row? Help make the world cleaner, safer and healthier.

The Senior Buyer at our dish machine refurbishment plant will manage one Purchasing Analyst and will work with over 150 vendors to manage the purchasing of over $25 million in molded plastic components, metals, fluid power systems (hydraulics and pneumatics), labels, fasteners, electrical, mechanical and metal forming pieces and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts.

Ecolab is a Fortune 500 Lean Six Sigma manufacturer and the worldwide leader in our industry. We value diversity and, our employees are number one! We know that our employees are our most important asset -- great employees got us where we are today after 80 years of success! As our Sr. Buyer, you will gain recognition for successful cost savings and avoidance, strong negotiation results, decreasing the number of vendors and your contribution to the implementation of noteworthy Lean Initiatives. As a strong contributory you can expect the opportunity to lead broader projects and advance to larger procurement/supply chain roles across the network and headquarters.

Main Responsibilities:

•Works closely with Divisional and Supply Chain management on all new product introductions & acquisitions. Provides direction on RM price trends needed for pricing strategy. Regularly updates local management on purchasing initiatives and progress.

•Proactively communicates with internal Supply Chain and R&D associates to understand plan-needs and to solve problems. Implements purchasing infrastructure in conjunction with R&D and Manufacturing to assure availability at required quality and costs levels. Generates new ideas to reduce costs and increase availability.

•Sources raw materials, packaging materials, and finished goods through execution of global contracts and negotiation of local contracts. Issues purchase agreements, purchase orders, and blanket orders within corporate purchasing policy.

•Implements technology to improve results and increase efficiencies. This includes cost database, EDI, and Reverse auctions. Establishes consignment and VMI to best manage corporate assets.

•Ensures Ecolab control and environmental standards are implemented. Reports on purchasing metrics and produced reporting tools in plant. Updates North America Director of Purchasing on success of purchasing strategy.

Basic Qualifications:

•Bachelors degree in Business, Finance, Accounting, Purchasing, Economics or Engineering

•3 to 5 years purchasing experience

•5+ years supply chain experience

•No immigration sponsorship is available for this opportunity

Preferred Qualifications:

•Advanced technical or business degree

•2 - 3 years experience in a lean manufacturing environment

•Purchasing or negotiations experience in a Consumer Products industry, regulated production, or similar manufacturing environment and/or experience with related Supply Chain or R&D functions

•Accomplished in implementing improvement initiatives and achieving cost savings

•Advanced proficiency in MS Excel and ERP software"

The most glaring idiosyncrasy I see is the lack of a Six Sigma Certificate requirement. The position of Production Planner requires this and specific “Six Sigma experience,” yet the successful Senior Buyer applicant apparently does not need either despite utilizing vendor managed inventory (VMI) to ensure automatic order of supplies for restocking when a client firm’s inventory database sends electronic notification of low supplies. The description instead notes that having purchased for a supply chain is sufficient and that EcoLab prefers the supply chain experience was just-in-time supply. Does any reader care to explain what differences exist between the Six Sigma lean supply and any old JIT manufacturing?

Also, the second paragraph of the job description would better fit as the third paragraph because the flow of the current description goes from bragging about the company to a quick blurb about the general purpose of the position and then back to corporate feather preening before finally getting into the job duties and KSAs. One of these is competence in the art of reverse auctioneering, which is the bidding by sellers to provide a service to a client at the highest acceptable price (and avoid allegations of cartel operations when competitors hold their prices high as well). Readers might also recognize this as a Dutch auction because the sellers initially bid their highest prices to leave enough room for downward negotiation such that even a substantial reduction in sale price will net a profit. This is distinct from a forward auction, in which buyers bid to provide the lowest acceptable price to a seller.

The “job match” feature does not work properly! Several times I pasted my resume text into the textbox and clicked “search,” only to be greeted with the unfiltered list of job vacancies with an 8-point font error message, “Your search criteria: N/A | Refine search” atop the vacancies table. I then pasted the text of this paragraph into the textbox and searched, returning the positions of “buyer,” “logistics manager,” and “production planner.” Try it yourself to see what I mean:^jIzhqjTASfR28jelwisu0_slp_rhc_xGTWDYPehJo6zjdUf9EJe7w1_slp_rhc_Jze4pZg==&ref=1272012122226

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