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Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Quad Graphics" Order Entry Clerk w/ Phone Duties,1423569861&key=18513229&c=879887026576&pagestamp=seqwdtodpclyytkika

“Job Title: Customer Service Representative

Job Description: QuadDirect – a Quad/Graphics subsidiary that offers concept-through-delivery services, including just-in-time marketing strategies, creative development, and creative and workflow solutions, as well as online communications deployment and comprehensive print production and distribution, all driven by data is seeking a Customer Service Rep. The Customer Service Representative acts as a liaison between manufacturing, sales and the customer. The CSR initiates jobs, through order entry, into the production cycle and expedites answers for the customer and manufacturing. CSR's are responsible for the customer's job throughout the production process ensuring that all requirements are met.

Qualifications: The successful candidate must have exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, good organizational skills with attention to detail, and have the ability to oversee and follow through all jobs. Ability to develop mutually profitable business relationships is required. Must be able to work flexible hours as required by the client. A college degree, printing experience or experience in a related field is desirable."

The stated preference for a college degree for such a rudimentary job seems counter-intuitive; why would Quad want to pay the CSR any more than what a high school-only graduate would earn? Maybe the vacancy writer intended to post, “Technical college degree in printing,” but I guess writing isn’t his/her forte. An applicant with printing experience but without a degree will beat a degreed applicant without printing experience anyway. The first sentence in the job description is such a monstrous run-on that it really detracts from Quad’s professional image. They could use a editor for all these online job postings, which seem to be uploaded by individual staffers but not checked for stylistic consistency or grammar.

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