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Friday, February 10, 2012

"Dells Ducks" Boat Operators & Helicopter Pilots

Found on 02-01-2012 at URL:

"Job Title: DELLS ARMY DUCKS (Wisconsin Dells, WI)
Date: 2012-02-07, 9:05AM CST

Now taking application for the summer of 2012:
*Duck Drivers/Tour Guide (must have clean D.L and 18 years old)
*Zipline Sky Rangers (must be 18yrs and clean D.L.)
*Tour Boat drivers/ Tour guides
*Ticket Sales Team members

-Drive, ambition and motivation a must.
-Motivation should not be in question.
-Punctual, regular, and consistent attendance.
-Fun work environment -- team focused. Weekly Team outings

These positions are FT seasonal starting in March- Mid May 2011 – Email:
Location: Wisconsin Dells, WI
Compensation: Will discuss at interview."

Of course compensation will be discussed at the interview because how else are you going to get applicants with clean driving records to drive boats or “Sky Ranger” vehicles for eight hours a day at only minimum wage? “Congratulations! You’re qualified. The last thing before we hire you: Is $7.25 an hour enough for you to begin working?” If you refuse that wage, then they can always disqualify you for “being a poor organizational fit.”

You better not talk about pay before the interviewer asks you because it would make you seem to have “motivation…in question.” I emailed Jodi for clarification of this disqualifier at the address listed in the vacancy, and she kindly responded, “It means motivation is required and (you) must not be in question about having it.” Nonetheless, the presence of ulterior motives may also prove troublesome. Therefore, it is up to the rational, logical mind of the reader to infer what constitutes a questionable motive:

A) Wanting to become the “rock star” of the Sky Rangers by pulling impromptu stunts, potentially jeopardizing fellow pilots and spectators;

B) Using your Dells Duck boat to run drugs across Lake Delton;

C) Wanting to work as a Dells Duck enough seasons to earn $10 an hour;

D) Using your Sky Ranger vehicle to execute your terrorist cell’s Plan D, a careening nosedive into the main stretch of concession stands;

E) All of the above!

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