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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Entry-Level Account Coordinator w/ "Monster" Attitude w/out Being Monstrous

"Job Title: **ENTRY LEVEL ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT* Monster Attitudes Apply! (Madison, Wisconsin)

Date: 2012-02-08, 8:36PM CST


Due to sizable demand from our main client, DIRECTV , Platinum Promotions, INC is expanding at a tremendous rate.

We are now looking to fill ENTRY LEVEL account management, retail sales, and electronics sales positions as soon as possible.

Our main focus right now is building our office to a capacity that can meet our clients' hefty demands. On a daily basis we are inside major retailers educating targeted consumers on the services our clients offer. We are experiencing phenomenal growth as a direct result of our success increasing our clients (sic) brand awareness by attracting new customers and exposing their products to new tiers of distribution.


We are looking for future leaders to grow into a management role with our company while focusing on the following areas:


• Outstanding communication skills both verbal & written

• Able to prioritize and work independently with minimal supervision.

• Able to work effectively in a team environment

• Detail-oriented with the ability to follow up on tasks.

• Work effectively under pressure and maintain a positive attitude

• Prefer minimal 2 years customer service, retail or sales experience

***Ability to pass a background check***


***APPLY TODAY!!!***


Ideal candidates will possess the following attributes:

• Good sales/communication skills

• Ability to build professional working relationships with retail staff

• Thrive in a performance ridden environment

• Proven track record of reliability

• Ability to pass a background check and/or drug screen

• Willingness to travel and work in multiple markets

If you find yourself meeting this criteria (sic), please send your resume to Chris Linden at

Also, please take a look at our website!


© 2010 DIRECTV, Inc. DIRECTV, and the Cyclone Design logo are trademarks of DIRECTV, Inc. All other trademarks and service marks are property of their respective owner

Location: Madison, Wisconsin

Compensation: Weekly, plus bonuses"

Whoever wrote this job vacancy on behalf of Platinum Promotions evidently believed that typing in all caps and using the phrase “entry-level” three times within the first paragraph would attract quality applicants. Considering how displaying words entirely in capital letters is equivalent to shouting (at least in netiquette) and how many workers with customer service experience have been only in the fast food industry (which generally emphasizes quantity of product over quality due to low margins and generally impatient customers compared to other segments of the service sector such as fine dining and personal wealth management), the ad writer could have better tailored the ad towards telecommunications service workers by specifying, “Previous call center or electronics store floor experience is preferred.”

Tthe successful applicant “thrives in a performance ridden environment,” as opposed to a performance-driven environment. Whenever someone uses the adjective “ridden,” what other word most likely comes to mind? Fleas! The connotation is important: If you had to work under either condition, would you prefer a flea-ridden employer or a flea-driven employer? (Perhaps the latter is a pest control company.) On the bright side, Platinum Promotions states on its website that it “only promot(es) from within,” so it’s not like some Ivy Leaguer fresh out of college will swoop in and take your promotion as his first non-internship job.

What gives me pause is the headline imperative, “Monster attitudes apply!” If the job poster is seeking someone who is both confident and a team player (per stated requirements), then “monster” is not an adjective I would use to modify the noun “attitudes.” It implies a grotesque way of relating to others, a general lack of social skills, and apathy towards others. A monster is generally not someone who is well-adjusted enough to get along with coworkers or to instill enough trust from strangers to convince them to buy a more expensive telecommunications package. Perhaps posting, “Friendly Type A personalities are preferred,” would have been more to the point because they will haggle and badger in a non-threatening way due to enjoying confrontation while having the people skills to not lose their temper when others remain reluctant or refuse to follow their leadership.

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