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Friday, February 24, 2012

"Emdat" IT Sales Agent

Job Title: Implementation Analyst Position (Fitchburg, WI)

Do you like working with clients? Can you walk a client though available options, understand their requirements, and implement those requirements to achieve their desired results? Do you have the patience and skill to train the end-user on how best to utilize an application for maximum benefit? Is every day the best day ever? If so, there is an Implementation Analyst position for you at Emdat, Inc.

Emdat designs, builds, and operates a series of applications to serve the Medical Transcription industry. Our clients are large transcription companies, who in turn, use our applications to provide transcriptions to Clinics and Hospitals. Emdat is the end-to-end technology solution that allows the transcription company to achieve operating efficiencies and deliver a superior product to their clients.

Emdat is looking for an Implementation Analyst in our Fitchburg, WI office. This is a new entry-level staff position that results from our continued growth. The Implementation Analyst works closely with new clients to teach them how to use the basic system as well as consults with existing clients on using more complex features. If you have the desired skills, we would like to hear from you. Please send a copy of your resume to
Compensation: Based on experience.

This job vacancy for “implementation analyst” reads more like a sales position. Although commission is not mentioned under compensation, the basic sales process of learning your customer’s needs and then selling the appropriate service(s) and/or product(s) is sales by any name. I checked Emdat’s website to check for other job titles held by its staff, but Emdat does not list any vacancies on its field-facing site.

I did come across a description of its medical transcription data interchange solutions. The disparate names take some getting used to because I imagine most people think “boy band which was popular a decade ago” when they hear the name of Emdat’s “InSync” service (which is trademarked as a network technology and hence is not an infringement upon the “NSync” musical entertainment trademark). At least the Emdat “Shadowlink” service, although shadily named, avoids an implicit association with a pop band.

I know that a magnetic personality helps a salesperson succeed, but requiring the client to believe, “…Every day (is) the best day ever,” is patently ridiculous. Why? Because only an irrational salesperson would really believe that a slow day in sales, as totaled by the close of business, is better than a prior day on which he/she made landmark sales. This Pollyanna outlook can also reduce the salesperson’s credibility, because for many in the medical profession, a given “today” is not the best ever.

Imagine if the salesperson said, “Today is the best day ever to buy our medical transcription application!” when in fact the acquisitions coordinator listening to the spiel has a million other things on his/her mind (which typically indicates an irritatingly hectic day rather than the perfect day). It is subtle behaviors such as stating assumptions about the buyer which bring pause about the seller’s claims about services and products: Under what assumptions are those claims true?

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