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Friday, February 3, 2012

Anonymous Manufacturing Firm Seeks Durable, Safety-Minded Cyborg

"Production/Manufacturing Opportunity (Portage, WI)

Date: 2012-01-23, 2:33PM CST

2 immediate openings are available on 1st shift for a self motivated (sic), skilled individual with prior manufacturing/production experience. This position can be fast passed (sic) at times. So you need to be able to think on your feet.

Candidates must be responsible and dependable. You must be able to read a tape measure and have basic math skills. Attention to details and organizational skills are a must. This person must be safety minded and be able to pass a pre-employment drug screen along with a pulmonary physical exam.

Starting wage: $12.73/hr

Other Benefits available after probationary period:

Health insurance, Dental insurance, Vision insurance

STD and LTD as well as ADD/Life Insurance

Flexible Spending account/Dependent Care accounts

401K program, Vacation benefits, Holiday pay

And much more. . .

Please stop in during office hours 7am till 3:30pm M-F.

2626 Murphy Rd. Portage WI and fill out an application.

You may bring your resume along. But a traditional application is necessary."

Despite the vague job title of some type of “production/manufacturing opportunity” or another, one may infer from the “pulmonary physical exam” job requirement that whatever the incumbent does is physically strenuous. You probably won’t be pressing punches or extruding foam at this job.

The business is probably a small firm, or else it would have someone proofread the listings prior to posting. This vacancy description is replete with choppy sentences, a lack of hyphenation in the adjective “self-motivated,” and a misspelling of the adjective “fast-paced.” Such errors would indeed make the position quickly passed over, or “fast passed” as the firm puts it, if not for the $12.73-per-hour wage and multitude of benefits. BTW, "STD" is not synonymous with "STI" in this context.

The potentially huge downsides to this are the potential for injury (hence the screening for propensity to have a heart attack) and the probationary period of unspecified length. Although this is the first time I’ve seen the position, the confidentiality of Craigslist makes it easier for a firm to serially advertise probationary periods for the same position while laying off the new employee a week or two before the end of his/her probationary employment period. Beware of probationary periods of unspecified length from anonymous employers!

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