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Saturday, February 18, 2012

"HUSCO International" Ad Writer & Artist

"Job Title: Marketing Assistant

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The Marketing Assistant works closely with our HUSCO International sales and marketing team to support marketing and social media activities and publications. A successful Marketing Assistant is detail-oriented, proficient in Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office, able to rapidly learn new concepts/techniques, a strong team player and has a strong creative and technical background. Able to operate independently in a fast-paced and dynamic environment, a Marketing Assistant can switch gears quickly to meet project requirements and assure that our image and brand is compelling throughout our marketing material and events.

•Design Graphics to Support Marketing Material. Responsible for the creation and improvement of company graphics as they relate to logos, images, etc. in our marketing material including presentations, articles, trade shows, logo merchandise/clothing, etc.
•Works closely with sales and marketing team to prepare conceptual sketches from required specifications and develop those sketches into workable material.
Creative and has enough experience to know what designs will work in different media.

•Write Technical Articles and Product Descriptions. Responsible for using technical aptitude and ability to absorb technical content to create articles and product descriptions.
•Update product manuals with graphics and technical descriptions.
•Manage and Maintain electronic media.
•Responsible for updating eNewsletter content, company Website, etc. in a timely and thoughtful way.
•Make recommendations for enhancing our electronic media presence and explore new ideas.
•Support Trade Show activities.
•Will project manage trade show exhibitions and will work with vendors and sales and marketing team to successfully represent the company brand and product at trade shows.
•Scale Steep Learning Curve. Rapidly develop an understanding of equipment, products, components, company culture, differentiators and initiatives.
•Strong Team Player and Contributor.
•Able to work well with colleagues and produce results within a fast-paced, high pressure and dynamic atmosphere. Combines strong attention to detail and technical background with ability to execute quickly and consistently with minimal supervision.
•Able to take direction, effectively managing priorities and communication.

•Bachelor’s degree in Technical Marketing, Graphic Communication or equivalent.
•Proficient in Adobe InDesign, MS Office
•High degree of creativity
•Experience in website creation and content management(br />•Technical aptitude
•Ability to absorb and understand technical content and create articles and descriptions
•Interest in off highway (construction and agricultural) equipment strongly desired
•Strong oral, written and listening communication skills.
•Authorized to work in the U.S.

**This position could be part-time (30 hours/week) for a candidate with the appropriate skill set."

A better title for this position would be “website designer and content developer.” Considering how the description does not mention compensation, I’m sure it’s around minimum wage under the excuse that such tradeshow experience and responsibility for an entire third-party website are tremendous resume boosters. I speak from experience when I say this is typically not the case when the industry of the firm is so specialized. Just as maintaining the entire UW-Milwaukee Bookstore and representing the bookstore at vendor events such as Summerfest does not impress non-bookstore employers seeking a web developer, doing such work for an agricultural equipment firm will similarly pigeonhole the employee such that he/she either stays in the job indefinitely despite the poor pay or becomes a front-end / back-end developer, graphics designer, or link builder (SEO content writer) for a larger company in which no individual is expected to do ALL of that.

Of course, the more efficient the worker, the lesser the compensation because you are scheduled fewer hours when you consistently run out of tasks. The phrase “could be part-time” implies that the position would be full-time, possibly with legally mandated overtime and benefits, if only the marketing assistant weren’t so blasted efficient. While I do not how Husco benefits from offering full-time employment by default and then scaling down, perhaps the job poster merely forgot to specify that the position would begin with a 20-hour work week and then scale up based on the usefulness of the employee. I do estimate from my own website development experience that designing page layout, editing graphics, and writing content would take more than 30 hours each week until the site template and company information pages are complete. Then, it might be feasible to create daily updates with text and a few graphics in under 20 hours a week, as that is about what I allocate weekly towards maintaining this blog.

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