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Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Jenny Craig" Weight Loss Consultant / Sales Agent;jsessionid=1F72F6C1A0340C8FD26DD83798FA6142?PSUID=ad770843-8fed-46ca-9d97-0572165cc496

"Job Title: Weight Loss Consultant

Description: If you're looking for a fantastic career with a fast paced company, then you've come to the right place. As a Jenny Weight Loss Consultant you will be the most critical link in ensuring that our clients have a rewarding experience that will keep them coming back and reaching their healthy weight goals. You will help our clients face the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through empathy, customer service, and an assortment of great Jenny products. You will be responsible for talking with your clients for weekly one-on-one consultations, keeping clients motivated, and recommending various menu options and tools.

We offer a competitive compensation package that combines hourly salary plus a commission structure that rewards based on performance. The hourly salary varies by market and there is no cap on commission earnings. Our benefits package also includes medical, dental, vision, a prescription drug plan, paid time off and a 401(k) plan, and a flexible spending account. We also provide regular paid training and we promote from within. For candidates living and applying for a Jenny job in Massachusetts, the first year of benefits does not satisfy the Massachusetts mandatory minimum insurance requirements. For candidates living and applying for a Jenny job in New Hampshire, benefits are offered if full-time service is maintained after 14 months.

Qualified candidates will possess excellent customer service, sales, and communication skills to work both over the phone and in person with our clients. Our consultants serve as positive role models for their clients in the pursuit of individual weight loss goals. We require our Consultants to possess either a high school diploma or a G.E.D."

The job requirements reveal that each “weight loss consultant” is actually a salesperson who must convince people that the Jenny Craig program will somehow compensate for their prior lack of willpower and discipline in the matters of diet and exercise. Much success for those in the program is due to being badgered by the consultant to eat lower-calorie foods and smaller portion sizes, akin to a diet police. The job description refers to this as “empathy and customer service.”

So how does the Jenny Craig diet differ from generic diets? Instead of buying any old “light” ice cream or reduced-calorie casserole, the client buys specially branded food stuffs. It is the job of the weight loss consultants to convince the client that the product differences go beyond the mere names of the “assortment of great Jenny products.”

I suspect there is a fine balance between selling enough tasty Jenny food to make the sales quota while limiting the individual’s daily consumption. After all, a dieter who likes a diet program for the delicious food is at risk for purchasing more products than the program recommends consuming and hence would gain weight, eventually stop the diet program due to failure, and finally order the food just for pleasure and not for dieting purposes. I know that Jenny Craig frozen food products are available in most grocers, and so the weight loss consultant must do more than shill food to persuade the client to renew his/her program contract.

There is an unstated job requirement which nonetheless may be inferred: Considering how the consultants must “serve as positive role models…(of) individual weight loss goals,” it may be surmised that each consultant must at least look like he/she lives the Jenny Craig lifestyle. Applicants with over 10% body fat need not apply!

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