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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Special Events Coordinator / Eggshell Walker for City of Reno, NV

“Job Title: Special Events Program Manager, Reno, Nevada

Post Date: January 24, 2012

Salary: $64,194 to $84,094

Start Date:

Application Deadline: 02/24/2012

ICMA Members Only: No

ICMA Credential (Details): not required

Normal Population: 218,000

Seasonal Population:

Employer Location: Reno, Nevada United States

Job Description

The Special Events Program Manager for the City of Reno is a dynamic, energetic, and results oriented individual who will assume management responsibility for the activities and operations of all special events taking place on public right-of-way within the City, including large signature City sponsored special events, film shoots and residential block parties. The individual selected will be responsible for implementing City Council policy direction; oversight of the permitting, licensing and regulation of outside individuals/organizations producing special events on City property; will coordinate all City services provided to special events; and will negotiate and administer all special events expenditures and contracts.

In addition, the individual selected will represent the City on special projects both directly related and non-related to City operations; will serve as a liaison with a variety of civic, public, and governmental groups; will coordinate assigned activities with other divisions, departments, and outside agencies; and will perform a variety of administrative/management tasks in support of assigned area of responsibility.

This is an at-will appointive position exempt from the City’s Civil Service system.


Education and Experience

The successful candidate will have five years of increasingly responsible, paid experience planning, organizing, and overseeing multiple large, multi-faceted special events, including experience in developing and evaluating special event venue schematics and event security, safety and emergency plans. In addition, the successful candidate will possess a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with major course work in tourism/recreation administration, marketing, business administration, or a related field with a specialization in event management preferred. A Masters (sic) Degree is preferred.

Personality & Management Style

Other skills and traits that are required include:

•Possesses a strong sense of personal and professional ethics with a high degree of integrity

•Ability to work effectively with other Department Heads, City staff, City Council, and business and community leaders

•Ability to commit to the Organization and the Community

•Creative and results-oriented problem solver

•Politically sensitive and aware without being political; comfortable working in a political environment

•Outstanding communicator, both orally and in writing; excellent listener

•Excellent decision maker

•Welcomes and embraces a challenge; highly motivated

•Exceptional interpersonal and collaborative skills; able to establish and earn the trust of civic and public groups, fellow employees and the City Council

•Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment

•Possesses exceptional organizational and project management skills

•Exercises sound and independent judgment

•Understanding of and respect for the Council/Manager form of Government"

Some of these job requirements sound like deal breakers to me. “Welcomes and embraces a challenge?” You mean something more challenging than keeping the daily complaint average at Pizza Place at five or fewer? Let me guess: The City of Reno remains heavily reliant on tourism during this recession, and the Special Events Manager must rake in the revenue or be sacked. “Ability to commit to the organization and the community?” You mean being able to tolerate life in a drought-prone casino town with escalating crime, exacerbated by the recession, with a foreclosure rate rivaling that of Las Vegas? No thanks, I want the freedom to bolt off to greener pastures and manage some other city’s special events like a professional vagabond or carnival boss.

A few requirements imply that managing any municipal project in Reno is akin to walking on eggshells: “Politically sensitive and aware without being political…Understanding of and respect for the council/manager form of government.” In other words, the incumbent must not only dutifully perform the instructions of the elected council members but also do it in a way that doesn’t reek of autism. The successful applicant will strive night and day to generate revenue through innovative “special events” while distributing credit to his/her bosses, e.g. the City Manager and the Council, and otherwise being a good “team player,” a term which is surprisingly absent in the job description. Last but not least, this position requires “a high degree of integrity,” lest the special events manager in Las Vegas bribe the incumbent to send Reno tourists southeasterly via State Highway 95.

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