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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shut-In Caregiver

"Job Title: Paid Roommate (Madison, WI)

Options in Community Living is a non-profit agency in Madison, WI supporting about 100 adults with developmental disabilities. Support occurs in their home, apartment, and/or in the community, and can include personal care, lifting, bathing, emotional support, and community events. An insured car may be required in some households for certain shifts. Duties, shifts, locations all vary from person to person, so contact Kate to find out how you can make a difference in someone's life!

Are you energetic, positive, a good team-player, creative, and looking for a live-in position? 2 downtown men need someone to live in, work and stay overnight. Hours: Sunday 5-11pm and overnight, Monday-Thursday 7-9am and overnight, Friday 7-9am, Wednesday 3-11pm. Weekend hours also available. Encourage their involvement with meals, cleaning, and grocery shopping; prompt personal care duties and routine, help with medication, and help them get involved in the community while maintaining safety for one of the men who can't be alone. An insured car is required. EOE

8 hours are unpaid sleep time each overnight.

Compensation: $10.75/hr, benefits, free rent"

Seeing how this “paid roommate” position is really a live-in caregiver, I’m surprised that no particular license is required as part of the applicant’s qualifications, especially when one of the care recipients “can’t be alone.” Why does the job poster require the successful applicant to be creative? Because assisting with daily life activities can get old pretty quickly, even for someone who is “energetic (and) positive.” Occasional changes in routine help make these job duties less tedious. However, there are only so many ways to make wiping someone’s behind and other “prompt personal care duties” any fun.

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