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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Built-to-Scale Airplane Modeler & Detailer

"Job Title: looking for qualified airbrush artist (madison)

Date: 2012-03-02, 2:48PM CST

I am a local resident living here in madison. I have a project that I would like to subcontract out. I am currently building a large scale radio controlled airplane. Although I am a very proficient builder I am not an artist.

This plane has a 13' wingspan and is a exact replica of a wwII bomber that my grandfather flew. I am looking for an artist that (sic) can give a realistic paintjob to my creation. It will have a fiberglass shell and be primed and painted with a basecoat. I need someone that can paint the nose art (I have pics of original). Paint the tail feather squadron markings. Someone to give realism to the paint such ass (sic) adding relief lines or stressmarks or subtle variations in metal sheeting. Rivits (sic) ect (sic).

Feel free to contact me for more details ect (sic). I am flexible on payment or timeframes. But I will need to colaberate (sic) with you as well as see some of your previous work. This plane will appear in a few national publication (sic) involving the r/c world as well as many online forums. It would be a great project for someone who seriously considers themselves (sic) to be an artist and is looking for a challenge that will be showcased in many area (sic).

Compensation: to be discussed - This is a contract job."

The job poster is an airplane enthusiast who misspells the word “rivets,” uses bad grammar, and clearly does not thoroughly check his written work. This job vacancy is riddled with unintentional humor “such @$$” comic relief lines and premature declaration of national exposure in an airplane publication. While the job poster might not receive the exposure he intends, he has certainly garnered additional exposure on this blog! I hope his airplane mechanics are better than his English mechanics.

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