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Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Contain-A-Pet" Franchisee

Job Title: Dog Fencing/Dog Training Business (Madison)

Date: 2012-02-29, 12:06PM CST
If you love man's best friend, enjoy helping people and would like to make a living in a business with great rewards and personal satisfaction, then a Contain-A-Pet dealership just might be for you. Unlike more expensive franchises that come with very high start up costs, Contain-A-Pet can be started and run from the comfort of your home with no need to lease commercial space.

Why Contain-A-Pet is such a Great Business
One of the most rewarding parts of being a Contain-A-Pet dealer is the joy of helping families and dogs find a way to live together in harmony. A contained dog is a happy and safe dog. Dog owners seek help for many reasons. In some cases they cannot find a way to keep their family member from wandering off, or get their dog to follow life-saving commands like "come". Imagine the satisfaction of knowing how many dogs will not be accidentally hit by cars or even taken by strangers after being properly trained by a Contain-A-Pet professional.

As a Contain-A-Pet dealer and certified dog trainer, you will be the answer to the prayers of dog owners in your area. Dog owners just cannot find a way to deal with them running off, barking, house breaking or other behavioral issues. Every year thousands of dogs unfortunately end up at local shelters because owners just cannot find a way solve their dogs' problems.

What kinds of people make great Contain-A-Pet Dealers?
- They Love dogs
- Have great communications skills
- Are highly motivated to build a successful business and are committed to success
- Enjoys solving clients problems
- Want a flexible schedule and freedom from the 9 to 5 grind
- No dog training experience required!
Even if you're a pure beginner in the pet industry our program is designed to fully train you in the Contain-A-Pet system. After you complete your training we will be there to help and support you every step of the way. Join the High-Demand Pet Industry!

Americans now spend over $30 billion a year on their pets. The demand for pet services is at its highest ever, thanks in part to television reality programs featuring people and their pets. People now know that their pet's behavior problems can often be solved with the help of a professional.
- There are approximately 68 million owned dogs in the United States.
- Four in ten (or 40 million) U.S. households own at least one dog.

รข€¢Most owners own one dog (63%).
- More than one-third (37%) of dog owners own more than one dog.

More Than Just a Fencing Business, a Dog Training Business as well
You receive a lot more than just learning how to effectively contain dogs; you learn how to make a living in the dog training business. There is a BIG difference. As a Contain-A-Pet Dealer you receive all the training protocols, business support and knowledge developed over the last 16yrs years (sic). In addition to becoming a Contain-A-Pet Dealer and a certified dog trainer the Contain-A-Pet dealer system includes branding, advertising and marketing help, sales training, add on products and more.

Many people dream of owning their own pet businesses and doing something they love, but very few actually take the step to make it happen. If you are ready to stop dreaming, and start working to achieve this goal, we invite you to contact us for more information today. Visit dealer section or call 1-800-777-3647.

Compensation: its (sic) up to you

Although writing error-free ad copy is not a requisite for running a profitable dog training business, it certainly helps: How many readers would seriously consider becoming a first-time customer of a stranger who doesn’t bother to triple-check for such rudimentary errors as repeating words such as “yrs (spoken as ‘years’) years” and improper omission of a comma in a contraction in the phrase “it’s up to you,” in which the job poster improperly substituted the possessive form “its.” Did the job poster run this ad copy to marketing before going live? If so, then the marketing department should spend more time researching proper English punctuation and grammar.

The amount of hype in a “business opportunity” ad is directly proportionate to the risk entailed. The phrase “high-demand pet industry” has a dual meaning: Many pet owners err on the side of over-indulgence when purchasing supplies and amenities for their pets, but the pet services industry is so saturated that it takes tireless “high (effort) demand” networking to distinguish a given business from other pet service providers.

While around 40% of households in a given U.S. municipality are potentially immediate customers of a dog training service due to ownership of one or more dogs, many owners believe they have adequately trained their dogs. Someone who tries to convince them otherwise may be perceived as arrogant and pushy, and so most customers will be those who readily confess to insufficient training prowess.

Consider those dog owners who are already loyal to a trainer before you opened shop, and the likely market for your newly available dog training service is optimistically 20% of households. Before responding to this ad, ask whether your community has enough middle- and upper-class residents to support one more dog training service than the ones already listed in the phone book. You have to pay for start-up costs such as training, a basic inventory, and a business permit, so don’t quit your current job too soon. You could open a line of credit, but the interest will further reduce your potential profits.

Business maintenance costs are usually between $500 to $1,000 monthly due to commercial property rental, insurance, and utilities. Although the ad states, “Contain-A-Pet can be started and run from the comfort of your home with no need to lease commercial space,” many municipalities forbid residential properties to host walk-in businesses or other offline commercial activities requiring a business permit. Determining the code and permit requirements of your municipality is a must before opening any business so that you know whether the individual capital requirements of the business align with or exceed the legal requirements of your intended locale(s).

With all that in consideration, the “Contain-A-Pet” home page states that its business is “virtual(ly a) risk-free business to the motivated.” Really? What if a dog falls ill during a training lesson or if the good fence you installed falls onto and crushes the client’s flower bed? Such factors necessitate liability insurance which goes beyond simple premises insurance. Most business permits are contingent upon proof of such insurance.

Even shoe-shining services are not risk-free businesses despite having simpler operating models and lower overhead costs. To say that any business is “risk-free,” whether or not a qualifier such as “virtually” is applied, misleads at best and potentially violates the federal “truth in advertising” laws and regulations as enforced by the Federal Trade Commission.

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