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Friday, March 2, 2012

Freelance "Solid Works" Artist

"Job Title: SolidWorks Detailing (Madison Area)

Date: 2012-03-02, 1:03AM CST

We are looking for a Solid works mechanical designer or drafter to help us with detail (manufacturing) drawings. This is part time work during weekends or evenings.

Majority SW models are completed and ready for detailing.


- Good knowledge of SolidWorks 2010

- Own computer with SW 2010

- Madison Area

Compensation: Working hours and rate will be agreed during first phone call."

Although the requirement to work a schedule and hourly rate as determined by the employer implies this “detailing” job to be a bonafide employee position, the requirement to own the equipment necessary to perform the job duties and the unlikelihood of the job poster filing a W2 for the successful applicant make this a terribly constrained independent contracting job. Nonetheless, I’m certain that someone will take it because there are relatively few manufacturing detail positions calling specifically for SolidWorks experience, seeing that most U.S. manufacturing design positions stay with low-frills computer-aided design programs such as AutoCAD.

If you accrued knowledge from using SolidWorks at a previous job but do not have your own installation, then don’t run out and buy a copy just to do this job because the Standard SolidWorks costs $4,000 before shipping, handling, and sales tax, with more advanced editions running $5,500 and $8,000. Because detailing is the only work to be done on the majority of the client’s models, the part-time contractual period may very well be several months or fewer. At $10 per hour and 20 hours per week, an 8-week contractual period would gross $1,600, only 40% of the sticker price of Standard SolidWorks before income tax. Be sure to ask plenty of questions “during the first call” because that is when the job poster will lock the pay rate and hours. Let the job seeker beware!

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  1. I am working for a construction company, in which i am not allowed to install AUTO CAD ( with out license) in my PC. But I am in need to view and take prints of drawing files which is prepared with Auto Cad, is there any options??. I can not afford a licensed version of Auto cad..... any free software can help me in this case ??. If yes how can I get that??.
    buy solidworks