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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Update

It's been almost a month since I posted, but I remain interested in writing for this blog. I just don't have the time right now due to preparing my tax filings, tying up a few loose ends, and setting several other things into motion. I'll post again when it is convenient for me to do so.

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I will say this: I've realized that applying for a job is like proposing oneself as a slave, with an employment contract constituting both a bill of sale and consent to have your behavior scrutinized, potentially including a consensual waiving of First Amendment speech rights and sometimes Fourth Amendment rights if you take any of your work home. So if one can survive by "doing one's own thing," then why pursue a higher socioeconomic class? Is the aggravation worth it? That is a personal judgment call.

Some readers may be shocked to hear such a perspective from someone who recently wrote about how unions reward under-achievement. The fact is that I find both perspectives to be true: The need to work within a standardized system of money instead of mutual barter puts many into effective slavery, and within that system, social elites exist among those of the working class who effectively vote each other into the trade groups and unions if you're "one of them," thereby rewarding you financially for reading the minds of union decision makers and exuding just the right culture to fit their world view.

Yet, you'll scarcely hear this dual acknowledgement in corporate-owned media because it is in no one's political interest. What compromise would come of the admission of the validity of mutually contrary perspectives? Nihilism? Dropping out of the social scam and getting by with the minimum income possible and choosing to not add more producers or consumers to the population? My life is at panel 6 of this Jack Chick tract (at the same place in life -- although about 40% older), and that's where I'm stopping off mode-of-living-wise no matter how much farther I go chronologically.

The people who will call you "lazy" for choosing to opt for less work than you could have -- even though you HAVE PLENTY and do not need anything additional -- and for remaining single and childless are NOT your allies. They're trying to get you to make THEM more money through both immediate work and the guaranteed consumption and possible labor which your otherwise conceived children would eventually perform.

Don't change your ways for them! Ignore their criticism. Let them fend for themselves and remain frustrated at your unwillingness to play their wasteful game. Use your time to help yourself rather than to benefit social decision makers who don't have your interests anywhere near their heart.

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