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Monday, March 11, 2013

"What's My Value?" - An original poem by Joseph Ohler, Jr.

Popular question, or so it seems / Graduates face to realize their dreams /
Of what to the table you will bring / Of which achievements do you sing /
Whoa! Better than belief? Dude's unreal / Talking about himself with such a spiel! /
Hiring manager beguiled / Corporate culture defiled /
"Independence," that dirty word / Company needs become absurd /
Treating applicants like a bunch of parity / But this graduate proves to be a rarity

Individuality! The cliches deny / Elsewhere your success will lie /
Don't need to sell my value / Only tell what is true /
Of course, I don't fit your tidy hatch / Because nonpareil people have no match /
So don't feel *too* disappointed / For missing out on the anointed /
"Blasphemy! What will you do for me?!?" / It's not my concern; go drink your tea! /
Or if you're like me / Then brew some coffee

"Why, I never heard arrogance like that!" / "For an adult, such a spoiled brat!" /
Diminishing advantage for remaining couth / So now I'm SHOUTING undiluted truth /
Job creators act high and mighty / But when *I* do, it's so uptight-y /
No one's my master; no contractual trap / Why help them? Why give a crap! /
No keyholders to my grandiose gate / Don't need approval to know who's great /
And neither should you, if under-employed / And then realize, you'll be overjoyed!

Bonus: Here's a downloadable rap of the above poem! | Size: 2.23MB | Length: 01:37

Bonus Part II: Here's a downloadable lounge rendition of the above poem! | Size: 3.91MB | Length: 02:51

04-01-2013 Update: My message has apparently proven inspirational to at least one self-described "under-privileged" youth. Here's a rendition by "Dijon" of Harlem, NY!

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