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Monday, April 30, 2012

"Absurd Job Vacancies" Blog and Domain Names for Sale!

I have created a positive reputation for the "Absurd Job Vacancies" brand but am looking to sell. Because this is not an urgent sale by any means, I will not sell the blog name for lower than $500 without the intellectual property of the blog contents or $1,000 including the intellectual property of the blog contents. What I have written thus far is laden with unique keywords and hence carries value in its own right.

I am also selling the following domain names for the following STARTING prices: $500   $400   $300    $300  $250

Interested parties may bid in the comments section, making sure to enter their own legitimate email address. I will then send a PayPal invoice to the highest bidders meeting or exceeding the aforementioned minimum price(s) for the domain name(s) they wish to buy. Domain registration will be transferred upon clearance and validation of PayPal funds (to ensure there will be no charge backs).


  1. ya sure you can sell your domain name but before that get the value of your domain name. Because it will be useful to get a rough idea for what price you can sell it.
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  2. Who would wanna buy a dead site? No activity for months...

  3. Thanks for your information about the domain details. Its really new and nice. Great post. I love it. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  5. Thank you for the constructive comments -- I finally own enough domain names (32) such that now several domain resellers have added me to their email list. Domain flipping still has a place in our economy.

    As for my blog content, I was prepared to post more often after my October 8th post about Cool E Fitness, but the fourth quarter of 2012 went by in a blur. I have some provocative ideas for 2013 content but will only post maybe monthly, if that, to more fully develop those ideas into a more coherent arc.