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Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year's Job Application Party!

Here's a novel concept for your New Year's bash: host a job application-themed party! When each guest arrives, conduct a mock interview of why they would be a "good fit" for your celebration!

For those arrivals not on your guest list, hand them a blank job application and tell them to come back after they fill it out. If you're a web developer, then you might even code your own online Applicant Tracking System mock-up consisting, at the very least, of a web-to-lead form mimicking those hellaciously long job applications which are in vogue. (I'm still resting from tweaking the order form and sending out another batch of targeted resumes and cover letters, so my "party applicant" ATS will be a while from now.)

Do you have any funny stories about screening your celebration guest list? Share them in the comments section! Cheers, and Happy New Year!

BONUS: Download a copy of my Party Application template or the non-template copy, if the template version is giving you trouble.

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