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Monday, October 20, 2014

Interviews, Insults, and Interruptions

(Un-)Funny Job Interview Dialogue (Dark Humor)

Interviewer: Why do you want to leave your current position?

Interviewee: Being a professional job interviewee doesn’t pay too well.

Interviewer: What a shame -- it really is your calling!

Interviewer: What happened to your business?

Interviewee: I’m good at what I do -- but had to close my business for lack of selling ability.

Interviewer: You ain’t selling yourself too well, either!

Interviewer: Why don’t you want to be self-employed anymore?

Interviewee: Because I’m a [techie | artisan | craftsman], not a salesman.

Interviewer: And a p*$$ p00r job interviewer!

Interviewer: Why don’t you [earn another degree | go back to school | further your education]?

Interviewee: Because I don’t want to get burnt again, investing time and money but without a job to show for it.

Interviewer: That’s the most intelligent thing you’ve said during the entire interview!

Interviewer: Why should I [hire | choose | waste another breath on] you?

Interviewee: I’ll make you more money than the other candidates for this position.

Interviewer: Prove it! And I ain’t giving you the chance to -- good-bye!

Bonus: Job Interview Interruption Comic!

Hand-drawn cartoon about a job interview question - hilarity ensures!

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