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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Application Development Tool (ADT) Guru for Traffic Licensors

Found on 08-29-2013 at URL:

Transportation, Department of IS Systems Development Services Specialist - Applications Development Tools - Re-Announcement - Job Announcement Code(s): 13-01647
County(ies): Dane
Classification Title: / JAC: IS SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT SRVCS SPC 13-01647
Job Working Title: IS Systems Development Services Specialist
Type of Employment: Full Time (40 hrs/week)
Salary: Starting salary is between $54,331 and $99,426, depending on qualifications. This position is in pay schedule-range 07-02. A six month probationary period may be required.
Contact: Megan Robarge, HR Specialist: or 608.267.4471
Bargaining Unit: Non-Represented
Area of Competition: Open
Deadline to Apply: 9/9/2013
The previous deadline date was 7/29/2013.
Exam Information: 13373 - 192 IS SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT SRVCS SPC
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) is looking for a person who loves solving problems and implementing solutions to fill our Applications Development Tools: IS Systems Development Services Specialist vacancy in the Bureau of Information Technology Services. If you love to design, configure, and manage applications and tools, this position may be great for you! This position will work on several small teams with a variety of projects and industries – from finance to transportation and everything in between.
This position is located at the Hill Farms building in Madison, Wisconsin – within walking distance to many restaurants and shopping.
Job Duties:
This position will provide technical expertise to professional IS developers, technical support specialists, and end users on optimal usage of ADT tools and methodologies, as well as advanced problem resolution support and diagnosis. This position will review and verify the technical feasibility and integration of new tools and methodologies. As the Applications Development Tools Specialist, this position will plan, implement, and maintain new development technologies, initiatives, and services in the Department of Transportation environments and its multi-jurisdictional business partners.
Application technologies and methodologies included, but not limited to, are: Maven, Subversion, Jenkins, Nexus, My Eclipse Blue, .Net, Java, Visual Basic, MS Visual Studio, Struts, Hibernate, C#, XML, Stylus Studio, SOLR, JavaDcompiler, ChangeMan, Cobol, and JCL.
Special Notes:
Prior to any appointment for positions filled from this recruitment/announcement, candidates may be subject to a comprehensive criminal background check which may include FBI fingerprinting.
Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
   * Knowledge of Application Development Tools facilities and methodologies
   * Skill in problem resolution and technical support technologies
   * Knowledge of the evaluation and implementation of Application Development systems
   * Knowledge of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting corporate Application Development sets.
   * Ability to plan and research solutions for an integrated architecture
How To Apply:
Apply online with a resume and letter of interest which fully details your experience as it relates to the duties and knowledge/skills/abilities of this position. Materials will be evaluated and the most qualified applicants will be invited to participate in the next step of the selection process. To apply for this position, click “Log In” to access your existing account or to create a new account if you don’t have an account in the system. Once you are logged in, click “Apply Now.” You will be asked to provide your personal information, attach a resume and upload a letter of interest. Questions can be directed to Megan Robarge at or 608.267.4471.
Preview Exam
1. Please copy and paste your letter of interest below. Your letter of interest should clearly identify your education, training and/or work experience in:
  : :* Designing, testing and/or implementing application development tools and methodologies for multiple platforms
   * Analyzing, defining and identifying application development tools support requirements
   * Installing application development tools
   * Maintaining and supporting application development tools
   * Working with a variety of customers on IT development projects


A potentially humorous note is how the vacancy description begins with, “(We’re) looking for a person who loves solving problems and implementing solutions…” Of course, in May 2012 I created and uploaded a video entitled “The Employee for the 21st Century” which satirizes the techno-business jargon prolifically polluting modern job descriptions. The gimmick had its run, but apparently consulting BS -- Bachelor's of Science, mind you -- is like actual excrement in that it smells best when it's your own.

The job poster may as well excise that position’s feel-good introductory statement because it is worthless; enjoying “solving problems and implementing solutions” doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have that technological swing, namely prior experience designing for a specified stack of technologies and implementing your so-called “proprietary development tool.”

Throughout the vacancy description, references to “application development tools” abound. What are these and why does the position seem to hinge on them? For that matter, why do so many job postings require skill in using such a product when a search for "application development tool"+definition returns zero results?

This obviously is an opportunity for me to dominate that keyword combination in the relevant SERPs. Without further ado, here is my definition:
An Application Development Tool (ADT) is any software which converts user actions (typing, clicking, dragging-and-dropping, etc.) into an executable program or application.

This definition includes Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) which combine a code input window with a graphical preview pane of code output. Organizations occasionally want an ADT with features which differ from available Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) ADTs.

For example, an ADT developer might modify the graphical user interface (GUI) of an IDE to include an additional meta tags field for making uploaded changes searchable by keyword or username. While some effort is inevitably duplicated among organizations developing their own custom ADTs, the extent of redundancy is unknown because companies, governments, and nonprofits generally do not want to license ADTs from each other -- those cheapskates!

A person from outside formal employment within the Information Technology (IT) field is increasingly barraged with IT jargon in business-oriented job descriptions. Besides my definition of “application development tool” articulated above, another opportunity I take for dominating search engines is to provide the first online solution for those entering the string "enterprise website developer"+definition.

In my years of real-world learning, I’ve come to realize the following two definitions create a major distinction between what I call a “website pseudo-developer” and what human resources managers refer to as an “enterprise website developer:”
1) The Website Pseudo-Developer (WPD) modifies and/or develops the website based on pre-designed ADTs; whereas
2) The Enterprise Website Developer (EWB) modifies and/or designs and develops ADTs by which non-IT people in the firm can upload changes to selected portions of the website (depending on authorization).

In the interest of provoking dialogue, I’ll loosely quote a certain nu-metal band: Any “wanna-be bigtime players” who want to “step up to me” and dispute my above explanations are welcome to comment at the bottom of this article -- but I can tell you know, “It’s not to be.”

Some may note the deadline extension from July 29 up through September 9 and wrongfully conclude, like the globalists, that we need to both send millions more students to universities (just to get maybe a few hundred qualified workers while the rest are no better off) and that we need to exempt the State of Wisconsin from having residency requirements for hiring people for these difficult-to-fill jobs (and thereby shortchange Wisconsin residents who have loads of education).

The graduation of at least 25% more university graduates than what is needed domestically dispels the “more graduates means better resource allocation” fallacy. The substantial surplus of highly educated labor makes it more difficult for a state’s own residents to obtain employment -- such as by opening the floodgates to non-residents to compete against the current state population -- is insultingly disloyal no matter how much “benefit” would allegedly be gained through marginally “better productivity” from non-resident workers.

By thus reducing unemployment in other countries by importing labor while maintaining unemployment among current citizens of your own country, you destroy a nation and betray your country like a treasoner -- yes, globalists who import talent instead of train domestic workers ARE unpatriotic, if *not technically* treasoners.

I could say much more about globalists but have other projects on the table. The main takeaway point of this post is, “Don’t trust a globalist because he or she doesn’t have your interests at heart, only plans for whatever placates the Board of Directors.”

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